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    i’m going to try posting some photos here… all are straight off the camera. no re-touching, tweaking, adjusting, enhancing etc not even cropping. just plain photos straight off the camera. my plan is to try and learn how to use the camera, and not learn how to use photoshop. and eventually… maybe i’ll learn to […]

  • i hate queuing

    i hate queuing

    via Passengers queue up to board trains as they return home for the lunar new year h….

  • Christchurch Streets Wireframe

    I saw this image on a canvas in a shop at the weekend. After about an hour mucking around with openstreetmap data and done. I downloaded a New Zealand osm file from cloudmade, then using osmfilter I stripped out everything but streets, them imported into Maperitive and outputted as a png using the ‘wireframe’ style. […]

  • Kim Keever

    Kim Keever

      amazing photos KIM KEEVER’s large-scale photographs are created by meticulously constructing miniature topographies in a 200-gallon tank, which is then filled with water. These dioramas of fictitious environments are brought to life with colored lights and the dispersal of pigment, producing ephemeral atmospheres that he must quickly capture with his large-format camera. via Kinz + […]

  • Trying to break record for longest spiral of dominoes

    Trying to break record for longest spiral of dominoes

    placing every single domino would freak me out via Trying to break record for longest spiral of dominoes.

  • Making Life Better

    Rather than write up some ‘new years resolutions’ that will never happen, here are some steps I’ve taken to start making to make my life better. Some I’m well down the track for, others are just starting, but I thought I would keep accountable and share them. Average 10,000 steps a day. I’ve been working […]