Making Life Better

Rather than write up some ‘new years resolutions’ that will never happen, here are some steps I’ve taken to start making to make my life better. Some I’m well down the track for, others are just starting, but I thought I would keep accountable and share them.

Average 10,000 steps a day.

I’ve been working on this for the past few months ever since I got my fitbit. Its a wireless pedometer that syncs to the web, you can view my profile. For the past few months I’ve been averaging about 8,000-9,000 daily steps and I want to get it up to 10,000.


Learn new skills.

This ones kind of vague but I want to put more effort into learning new skills. We live in the information age and some people just seem content on plodding through existence. I want to fill my brain with skills that I can use. The first of the block is learning to tie knots. We got given a hammock for christmas and I had to learn a few hitches to tie it to the tree. My wife suggested that I should learn a few more so after a trip to the bookstore ($10 – bargain!) and the hardware store, I have a book and some rope to practice.

I also want to spend some time learning some new programming languages (not too much though) and like the knots, some more practical skills one which i’m interested in is learning to draw.

Create a lifeplan / long term goals.

I don’t want to just be pointless about live, I want to do things with purpose and decide on things that really matter to me. I haven’t got far with this one yet, but I am thinking about it and I have a book I’m going to read about the subject. Then I’ll work something up and constantly refine it as time goes on.

Quality Family times

Once the lifeplan is in place it will make it more obvious where I should be focusing my time until then I know this one is a given, spending more quality time with my wife and boys. We recently had a family holiday around the South Island and it really made me aware of how intentional you have to be. If you don’t make the effort it won’t happen, so putting aside time to plan activities and holidays we can have together that will create lasting memories.



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  1. Sounds like an awesome start!!