Pulling location data from owntracks

Problem: I want to easily pull locations or places I’ve been and write about them.

I used to have all my location data in Google Maps, I think they call it “Location History” or at least one of the previous iterations, it was. Originally it was Google Latitude. As part of attempting to de-googlify my life, I’ve moved my location data into Owntracks. It’s a self-hosted solution for storing location data and supports various apps.

Not surprisingly, being opensource owntracks has a pretty good API setup. But there wasn’t anything that could do anything with that data easily. Long story short, I built a WordPress plugin to handle it for me. I called it GeoPath.

Just enter a date if you want a single POI (point of interest) or if you want a path, enter a date range.


Want a fancy map of the time you walked up a hill?

Just enter the date, it will pull the location and the weather

Queenstown Hill, New Zealand

Cloudy 3.5°C


What if you want to show the route you took?

Christchurch, New Zealand

Mainly Sunny 12.1°C

Mainly Sunny

Anything else?

I don’t think this is super helpful for anyone but me, but posting it just incase it is.

There are a few bugs:

  • Sometimes the temperature gets lost, just disappears
  • When editing the block, the POI Marker gets rendered off the page
  • The reverse location lookup comes back with terrible names so they have to be manually edited.

Overall it works quite well though.